Julie Anna Zacharek, MSWJulie Anna Zacharek has worked in the field of Healthcare Management for over 17 years. She earned her master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University. Her foray into the professional world of work began when she joined a firm on Wall Street as an Elder Care Consultant. In this role she guided clients through a myriad of concerns including navigating private versus governmental insurances, acute and chronic care needs, housing options, caregiving and managing caregiver stress, advance directives, physical and mental health, and terminal illness. It was in this position that she was given the opportunity to spearhead the development of a “clinical content, procedures, and protocol manual” for a new benefit being offered to clients called “Geriatric Care Management.” Through this project she was both introduced to the growing industry, and realized she wanted to delve deeper into learning about it. She attended a two-year course at The Brookdale Center on Aging at Hunter College earning a post-graduate certificate in Geriatric Care Management. From there she went on to become a private Care Manager where she worked directly with families, physicians, attorneys, and facilities to evaluate the lifestyle needs of complex, chronically impaired adults living in private homes, retirement communities, and care residences. Through comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments her goals have always been to address concerns, find solutions, and translate information into personal care plans promoting health and wellness.

She has also spent considerable time working as a Practice Manager in the private sector of Ophthalmology where she was responsible for leading a team in world-class customer service and daily business operations. Cultivating relationships and building support networks are always a mainstay in her work, and she thrives at being a point-person for client questions and concerns.

In 2017 she moved from her home state of New York to the sunny shores of Florida where she also met her husband. In her spare time Julie Anna enjoys a huge variety of music, loves dancing, nature, gardening, cooking, yoga, and spending time with her husband and 170lb Mastiff, Roscoe.