head shot photo of Angela McDowellAs a Registered Nurse, Angela has over 25 years of diverse experience. She has worked in a variety of positions including Head Nurse of a large Medical/Surgical and Oncology Unit, and the Charge Nurse of a Level III Emergency Department. Angela’s nursing experience also includes her work in Post Anesthesia Care, Hospice Care, Home Health Care, Blood Banking and IV Infusion Centers, Alzheimer’s Research, Concierge/Executive Medicine, and Community Health Nursing.  

 Angela has always believed that one of her primary responsibilities is advocating for her patients whether in the clinical or home health setting. She enjoys the challenge of patient and family teaching and collaborating with patients, families, and their health care teams to provide solutions to demanding situations, while focusing on the best care, and quality of life possible. Angela also promotes a holistic approach when working with patients to include addressing the many needs of the mind, body, and spirit.  

 As the youngest of eight siblings, Angela has personally navigated the difficulties surrounding aging parents and family dynamics, with the added hardship of staying involved while living in a different state. Additionally, she spent five years as the caregiver for her aging father-in-law in her home, which provided new perspective and insight, as well as lessons learned from living in a multi-generational home.  

 Angela is a proud and active member of the Florida Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association. Armed with both her nursing background and her firsthand experiences, Angela is passionate about focusing her knowledge and skills on the needs of the aging in our community. As a Care Manager, her goal is to utilize an integrative, comprehensive, and holistic approach to assess and identify the concerns and needs of patients and families and determine appropriate solutions.  

 While originally from Virginia, Angela has had the opportunity as a military spouse to live and work in over 10 different states and several countries.  She and her family have called Tampa Bay home for the past 12 years.